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Paris Ambassador in Harlem

HARLEM, NY: Sam Hargress, Jr., 79, Founder, Owner, and Manager of Harlem's' only and oldest continuously running live Jazz dive, Paris Blues appoints Lucious Conway, the clubs Ambassador. Lucious, 51, a former alcoholic and crack addict, now one of New York State's first Medicaid Reimbursable Certified Recovery Peer Advocates, and owner of Recovery Coaching Service of New York, LLC is in the business of helping people facing the challenges of Substance Use Disorder live their best life and he models through his own in his pursuit of a Jazz singing and recording career.

After sitting in and singing with a couple of bands, Lucious was asked to do a Mother's Day Show at the Club, which he graciously accepted. Sam noticed how well Lucious worked the room, creating instant rapport with nationals from all over the world, some visiting and others new to the community. Lucious introduced them to a very proud and pleased Sam Hargress and thereby was dubbed by Sam as the Ambassador of the club.

The writer of Bing Crosby's first single hit song, "I Surrender Dear" back in 1931, the legendary Barry Harris heard Lucious sing and said to him "You got It!" Echoed in essence by the great Saxophonist Patience Higgins after Lucious sat in on one his sets at the upscale Jazz club "Smoke", Patience told Lucious Detroit... (which is where both Patience' mentor Barry Harris and Lucious come from) always delivers! And, you are always welcome on my stage."

This is not Lucious' first rodeo. He had a very successful 8 piece Jazz ensemble that played behind him in Miami Beach Florida in the 90's. His group was called Lucious Conway and Xodus and they held Saturday nights down at the Century Beach Club on Ocean Drive, until Lucious' alcohol and drug addiction got the better of him and he was found roaming the streets of Miami Beach in only his boxer shorts hours following a gig. He was then committed to the West Palm Mental Health Center for a time. And, only recently resurfaced here in New York some 20 years later. He appears to still have his chops and charm. He does not drink, smoke or do drugs for the last two years and is an internationally recognized Behavioral Scientist.

In addition to the Mother's Day Show at Paris Blues, Lucious is also booked to perform Memorial Day weekend at the upscale Chocolat Restaurant/Lounge and begin a Sunday Jazz Brunch residency at Paris Blues beginning June 1.

WHEN: Sunday, May 11, 7PM @ Paris Blues, Sunday, May 25, 6PM @ Chocolat and Sundays, 12 Noon, 1PM, & 2:30PM  @Paris Blues

WHERE: Paris Blues 2021 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd., (7th Ave @ 121st St.) Harlem, NY; Chocolat 2217-23 Frederick Douglas Blvd., (8th Ave @ 120th St., Harlem, New York

PRESS CONTACT: To arrange pre-or post-event interview please contact: Lucious Conway, (718) 514-4560 and


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"This little book is simple, soothing and powerful." Glenn Schiraldi, Ph.D., LTC (USAR, Ret.) Author, The Complete Guide to Resilience: Why It Matters, How to Build and Maintain It.

What You Know 'Bout it?
*Dr. Crevecoeur-MacPhail said that Vivitrol in place of Naltraxone has proven effective short-term in treating alcohol and opiod addiction.
*Dr. Chucharoen said that exercise increases dopamine and helps mitagate opiod cravings.

What You Know 'Bout It?
*Dr. Jaffe said that finding the right treatment fit is like finding a needle in a haystack due to the resistence to Harm Reduction acceptance among the provider community. 

*Dr. Pankow said clinicians are more amenable to bupenorphine as opposed to methadone in opiod addiction treatment. 



New York's Gov. Cuomo, Pat Lincourt, OASAS Dir. of Innovation and OASAS Commissioner Sanchez-Gonzalez all wear the shame!

It amazes me that despite here in New York as well as throughout the US, science has revealed that utilizing non-clinical peer services is the game changer in engagement, compliance and reduced healthcare costs. Yet, the state of New York has still not implemented Certified Peer Recovery Advocates into the out or inpatient continuum of care, despite Medicaid reimbursement for the services. The providers are saying they can't make any money off the position. And, Recovery Coaching Service is the only non-clinical documentation/SOAP notation for Medicaid reimbursement training curriculum as well as peer services provider who has completed a contract with New Yorks' BHO Optum which cannot be fulfilled because my agency RCS (Peer Services) is non-clinical and therefore unable to be licensed to receive a Medicaid number despite the 1915i Waiver other states are using to pay nontraditional providers such as Peer Provider entities. Is it because I'm Black? Is it because I don't have an alphabet soup behind my name? I certainly have the science, evidence and acumen on my side. So, what's the problem? Throughout the entire state of New York serving more than 500,000 persons suffering with addictive disorder only 50 persons have received the Medicaid reimbursable Certified Recovery Peer Advocate credential and no one is employed so as to receive the Medicaid reimbursement. WOW! Someone should tell President Obama's Drug Czar Michael Botticelli that his fresh agenda should include funding what works nationally and applying all due pressure to states to follow suit and finally close the wounds of Medicaid and Medicare waste. GIVE RCS A MEDICAID NUMBER TO EXECUTE IT'S CONTRACT WITH OPTUM!

"Welcome home to help, hope and happiness! You don't ever have to feel or be alone again. Through the process of Holistic Wellness, Motivational Self-Help, Self-Directed Wellness-Driven Peer Mentoring Books,  Video Seminars and LIVE! Individual SKYPE and Chat sessions,you will learn how to be become your own Recovery Coach!  " 

         Lucious, CRPA and CEO of Recovery Coaching Service of New York, LLC

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"We can't always change what happens to us in life, but we can change the way we respond. 

 To sustain harmony and balance, we must regularly monitor and adjust the time and emotional resources that we allocate to self, family, community, and those seeking recovery. 

After Recovery

Lucious Conway, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach
Before recovery, Lucious the addict and criminal

Before Recovery

Role Modeling Recovery : Living Your Best Life
May 15, 2014

Lecturing at City University of New York to Social Work undergrads and at Columbia University to Social Work MSW post grads, in addition to presenting practicums for peer organizations implementing the Recovery Coaching/Recovery Peer Advocacy practice is humbling and rewarding. Today, I help recoverees all over the world via my website, social media, telephone, and face-to-face modalities for little or no pay (New York State has still not implemented the Medicaid reimbursable Certified Recovery Peer Advocate position within the 822 outpatient clinics and the outpatient clinics are still resisting their implementation for various reasons, not the least of which is current clinical treatment staff job security concerns). And, the most important lesson I have learned for myself remains, unless my wellness reflects a life well lived none of the peers I help would put stock in anything I say.

The key question that never fails to open the door of rapport and possibility in my peer engagements is: "What does your best life look like?" This question I ask and answer in my daily interactions and affairs with myself and others, always focusing on my big picture and the small details required to get me there. As a direct result of my recovery pathway (21 days of traditional inpatient rehab, where I developed my own Emotion Dispositional Therapy and codified it in two ritual books, the first developed in that rehab within those 21 days) I'm living my dream of being a professional Jazz Singer! That means I get paid (more for singing Jazz than providing the university lectures, peer organization practicums and direct recovery coaching/peer advocacy services) to sing Jazz in some historical Harlem clubs, backed up by some notable Jazz and R&B musicians. This is my idea of what my best life looks like. And, it gives me great joy to hand out my business cards afterwards that say "Recovery Coaching Service of New York, LLC, Lucious Conway, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach".

This never fails to get the response, "What is a recovery coach?" And, we've got liftoff... I mean outreach. In the nightclub. In the bar. There is liquor and beer flowing. People are high on some of everything and not ashamed to say so (mostly because they're high on some of everything). For me, this is modeling recovery or better still this is living my best life. Of course in many instances people begin then and there talking to me about their issue more than that of someone they know. Be it alcohol, cocaine, crack, marijuana. They just open up.

We sit and have an exchange, the degree of which is predicated on how lucid they appear to me and if the conversation is at least curtailing their addiction indulgence. You see, I don't mind being a distraction from addiction even if it's temporary. I have seen it end in cessation for the moment, the night and some I have not seen in a long time since. Very few follow up directly with me. But, from the world over I see hits on my website, replete with self-directed wellness driven resources that people who are anonymous to me are using. So, I am happy.

There was one guy I met who suffered from what he said, his therapist said, was clinical depression and he self-identified as an alcoholic. He recently took his own life. Yes, it is heartbreaking, but then life is often heartbreaking which is why I require a program (for me, the one I created for me) to help me manage those moments. Additionally, the catharsis that I experience through singing affords me a safe and healthy outlet for potentially destructive emotions. As well, staying well in all 7 dimensions of wellness in varying degrees of course insures internal balance despite negative external events.

Of Certified Recovery Peer Advocates in New York State (Medicaid reimbursable), and their counterparts worldwide, it is imperative that the peer... person or persons is/are (as in family, friends and support network) able to see in what we do the practice of the principles in what we say. In this way only is the proof of a best life observed in such a way as to translate the skill of one's recovery experience into the expertise worthy of remuneration, recognition and replication.

To see the principles of self-directed, wellness-driven recovery create personal pathways for those I aid that lead to their individually designed best life is like watching a caterpillar morph into a butterfly from within the cocoon. It is awesome, inspiring and constantly reinforcing the truth of my ability to continue to live my best life because it improves the lives of those with whom I come in contact.

It is in this way I model the recovery in which I want to live and live my best life in the recovery which I model.

Recovery Coach Plans


Embroidered to Last

BBQ Lamb with Lucious 
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